Police trying to link three sexual assaults since April
    Suspect description vauge, wore mask
    Women want more details about cases

(Dyersburg 7/28/09) As Dyersburg police investigate a possible serial rapist, women demand more information about the crimes.

Police have released very few details because investigators are just now attempting to link three sexual attacks which have occurred since April. Investigators are trying to connect two rapes and an attempted rape -- the latest happening last week. They do not have a good description of the suspect in any of the cases but believe one man may be responsible for the attacks in the south and east parts of town. The victims told police the man attacked in the early morning hours, and wore some kind of mask to cover his face.

The attacker used force, say police, but was not violent and he did not have a weapon. Police have increased patrols, but women say they also want more information to protect themselves.

"Where is it happening? It just scares me," says Dana Eply who wants to know if the victims were alone during the attacks.

Others in the area plan to be more vigilant, but say they don't know what they should be watchful for.