Friday, September 17, 2010

What's the recipe for an appetite for destruction?

For those that falsely think conspiracy theorists are of no real concern. Consider this:

What's the recipe for an appetite for destruction?

Nearly every single extremist ideology and group. Every terrorist organization and cult have one thing that binds them together. Different flavors but the same kind of food....One thing that is the glue holding their organizations intact, inciting their anger, rage, violence, and rationalization of violent behavior together. One thing that unifies them, draws new members in, gives "lone wolves", both mental defectives and social outcasts a place to go to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Islamic extremists believe the Western world and the Jews are out to get them. Literally in some dark secret coordinated effort.

White supremacists believe the Jews and or other races are out to get them and or are working with a secret one world organization to rule the world.

Black supremacists, again...lots of them hate Jews, but even the ones that don't, bring disenfranchised people into their ranks by "educating" them on the secret cabal that is out to get them.

Whether religious, racial, political, or other worldly in nature all these groups use "conspiracy" as a unifying glue. A method to their madness. A common flavor in their particular brand of poison punch.

When it comes to a point where any evidence no matter how logical or scientific provided to them is just always wrong or "part of the conspiracy", where everyone who doesn't believe like them is either "in on it", a sheep (insulting people tends to make them want to prove you wrong), or is somehow proven to be erroneous by their extensive and unquestionable knowledge, you have a problem.

Unquestionable. Speaking of that...are you allowed to raise a healthy question or concern about what you're being taught? More importantly, are you allowed to simply disagree on some point of your group's belief system? If not...

Religious extremists use "God" as the defining authority. And they themselves are the defining authority on what God wants. So by proxy, THEY become God. Well, no one wants to go to hell right? So throw God around at people and they'll buy what you're selling. Who wants to be doomed?

Eco-terrorists use an "angry earth" or disgruntled nature ideology to let us know that if something isn't done, we're all doomed. Something drastic that is.

Racists sometimes use "God" and often use "threat" as in "if you don't join us you'll get wiped out too." You'll be doomed to live in a concentration camp by all the races trying to wipe you out. By the secret cabal no one but the privileged few know about.


If you don't believe us God will get you.
If you don't believe like us you're stupid and therefore at risk for being socially unaccepted.
If you don't "do something" by joining us, you'll die too.

Threats, fear, doom and gloom. All key elements to conspiracy. Secret stuff going on behind our backs. Stuff that you only know if you're smart like us or evil like "them."

They create a war where there is often none. They give the angry and the easily manipulated something to believe in and to fight for.

1. One pinch: Privileged information
2. One cup: Impending threat (fear, doom, and gloom)
3. 3/4 cup: No middle ground (us vs. them)
4. 2 cups: Unyielding obedience
5. One ounce: Unyielding anything contrary to what they believe
6. One tsp: Drastic measures

These are the main ingredients in conspiracy. And conspiracy is the main ingredient in extremism. Mix extremism well with willing brainwashed volunteer. Stir and manipulate well. Allow to simmer under the increasing heat of propaganda with a group of like minded. Seal tightly from outside influences.

Serve when boiling over.