Monday, August 10, 2009

For David Carter

“Aspire rather to be a hero than merely appear one.”
-Baltasar Gracian

I found out moments ago, that an old friend of mine passed away. Funny thing, I never got to look him in the eye. But we knew each other for quite sometime.

He was a good man. A kind person. I never knew his family. Distance kept us from that. But I hope someday, they may find this online. So that they know that Dave's reach was far and respected by many.

He was a rescuer, a guardian, a watcher over people. He was a real hero. He worked in the security field while I knew him. His job was to protect people. But more so, it was his passion. When I knew him, what he did wasn't for money.

But it helped save lives.

The thing is, most people never really know who is out there watching out for them. They may owe their lives to someone and not even be aware of it. I guarantee that was the case with Dave. He never ever sought fame for what he did.

I don't even know if his family knows the extent he went to, to protect our country. And people across the world. He never got the 'thank-yous' he so rightly deserves. But most true heroes do not. Most true heroes are hidden from the limelight. That is part of what makes them a hero. They do what they do and keep it to themselves. That's how you know a real hero.

And Dave epitomized that.

You see, most of us, go about our daily lives. Complaining about the little things. Lost in the drone of reality TV shows, trying to keep up with fashion, worried about who is dating who. Trivial things. Never knowing that their way of life, no matter how significant or lacking, is protected by those 'out there.' The very right to be free. Free to spend your life...

...or waste it.

He was and always will be a hero. And he will be greatly missed not only by me, but by an unsuspecting world. A world that for the most part never knew him. But they all benefited from the fruits of his labor.

When you go to sleep tonight, stop and give thanks for those unseen who are keeping you safe. Keeping you from a world of real monsters and living nightmares.

Rest in forever peace brother. I'm glad I knew ya man. Thanks for being there for me.

And for all of us...