Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sunshine, Farts, and Donuts

The organizer and designer of the September 11th attacks, resulting in the deaths of nearly 3,000 Americans, has been given a break by our new "feel good" government.

That same man also beheaded, on video, journalist Daniel Pearl.

Our president states that under no circumstance should interventions such as waterboarding be used to get information out of known terrorists. I suppose we are just supposed to sit down have donuts and coffee with them and as a motivator, refuse to give them free refills.

Have we lost our minds?

I have to wonder if Mr. Obama is a hypocryte or a liar.

Does any reasonable person out there believe that if a terrorist knew information that would prevent a Sarin gas attack, a nuclear attack, or biological attack where Mr. Obama's children would be killed, that he wouldn't do anything to get that information out of him.

That's a load of crap.

I can tell you this, we are not in a race for morality. We are in a race for survival. These people DO NOT care about our morals. And they sure as hell aren't going to answer questions about cell locations or attack plans by us just asking them.

If one of those bastards had one of my family members in his group's crosshairs I would peel him like a banana to get the information to save their lives.

I'd do the same for your kids.

Are you honestly convinced that our sunshine and farts feel good administration wouldn't do the same if their kids were at risk. Of course they would.

But evidently YOUR kids, your family, aren't worth what their's is.

We are not impressing anyone. The terrorists and their ilk hate us, not because of our freedoms, certainly not because of our "policies" towards "torture" but because we do not believe as they do. In their minds, it is their god who tells them we are to convert or die. If you don't believe me, just read their damn statements. Its not a big puzzle for some pretentious talking head to figure out.

Putting panties on someone's head may not be all that nice, but it doesn't really compare to slowly sawing someone's head off and placing it neatly on their ass for jihadist photo ops.

I've been waterboarded. Navy Seals are practically drowned as a part of their training. The practice is uncomfortable, and creates a sense of panic. But I'd pick it any day over feeling the warm gush of my arterial blood splattering my clothes and face.

Again, let me restate...

Does anyone really believe that Mr. Obama would not go way beyond water boarding someone if they had his kids hostage or if his kids were in danger of dying a horrible death? If he wouldn't do whatever is needed to get the information, then his ability to lead our country is in serious doubt. I'd also question his parental qualifications.

Evidently the perception of our "values" by Islamic extremists is more important than the lives of your children.

And now with the Taliban threat to Pakistan's nuclear weapons, we may just find out how much our families mean to our government and their idiotic feel good, sunshine and farts ideology.

Our "values" my ass.

Dunk that with your donuts you bunch of politically correct twits. And remember how "good" you felt when the next attack comes.