Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Recycling Rape

Recycling Rape and Rage...

I have looked into the dead faces of three little girls who were executed in their own school. There was no time while I stood there that global warming popped into my mind. Yet when I look into a trash heap, I still do not think about recycling or global warming.

I think about kids I have known that had to eat out of the garbage to survive.

I just got through looking at the Top Causes page available through an appli
cation that is used on Myspace, these are "causes" that people can put on their profiles. The one's about "help join my cause to stop...(insert cause of choice here.) Tell me what's wrong with this picture:

Stop Global Warming
10,135 members - $25,643

Society Against Child Abuse
21,690 members - $16,050

Notice how much more money the global warming people have contributed despite having lower membership? 10,000 members less and around $10,000 dollars more contributed in the Global Warming group.

Fear is a great motivator.

You know its one thing for scientists to debate the causes of global warming. Such as the statist
ic that humans only generate 3% of the CO2 that causes global warming. (The rest is decaying plant matter etc).

Its quite another when "just
because" someone like Al Gore, who is not a scientist, uses someone else's research to win the Nobel Prize, and tours the country in his PRIVATE JET only to return home to his mansion where his light bill every month is more than the average person's light bill is in 17 months...everyone automatically swallows what is pronounced as absolute fact by the media.

Whatever happened to the "doomsday" prophecy that we're all going to die from the hole in the Ozone layer? Nobody even mentions that anymore. In the 70's scientists JUST KNEW that the earth was COOLING...GLOBAL COOLING due to pollution. Yeah they had "proof" of this issue then.

Why does Al Gore's carbon footprint program where donations are eventually funneled back into
his pocket not get the attention of the media? If he were a televangelist it would be everywhere.

But really that's not the point at all. Debate it all you want. MOST of you are not scientists and have never done a day's research with data you collected yourself (Google does not count) in your life. So waste your time being "sure" that you know what you are talking about.

But ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR of you young ladies has been or will be molested by the age of 18.

You think that a debate that still has thousands on both sides each with their own "proof
" that global warming is real or not real is more important than abuse, neglect, and rape of children?

Well maybe that's why the earth is warming up. Maybe the planet is getting ready to shake, (the society that abadons its children in place of a "in" cause,) off i
ts surface.

Its disgusting that more money is going into a cause that is still being debated rather than one we KNOW for sure is happening.

You look into the eyes of a kid that has been raped with a broom handle by his own father and tell him that you believe donating money to "stop global warming" is more important than what happened to him.


We hear all the time about all the doomsday outcomes of global warming. (If only the cows would just stop farting)...things such as the rising of the oceans and subsequent flooding, deadly storms, dying crops, and famine. Do you really think that companies that make billions of dollars a year polluting the air are going to stop? Don't be naive.

FEAR FEAR FEAR. It motivates people to act without questioning anything. Do any of these people who are shoveling twice the amount of money over to the above cause than the child abuse cause actually
know where their money is going? Do they have any idea?

How many times have you seen protesters carrying signs protesting global warming? MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD which is made from guess what???


Trees which can help with conversion of CO2 and thus reduction of any warming of the earth's surface.

Idiocy has run amok.

I don't know if global warming is man made, a natural cycle of some sort, or what. I am not a scientist who is collecting data. But I am someone who is not willing to crap away my money to an organization that I know nothing about where the funds are going.

What I do know is this. I know what it is like to look into the eyes and listen to the voices of children who have been brutalized in ways most of you could not imagine in your worst nightmares. I KNOW for a fact by working with them what they go through is real.

We as a society should be ashamed of ourselves. But we are not, because we'd rather "feel good" thinking we are doing something to "help" the planet.

To hell with the kids who live on it.

You hear all the doomsday prophecies about global warming all the time. Well let me give you a look at the reality of what happens to many abused children. These are REAL accounts of abuse:

• A man shot off a teenage girl's arm for the sexual thrill it gave him.

• A rapist of 13 year old girls preferred to anally rape them on cement floors so it would hurt more.

• A father would use lit candles to cauterize the cuts he would inflict to his daughter's vagina
and around her nipples.

• A father who knew his 9 year old daughter was afraid of the dark would tie her to a tree in the woods and allow different rapists to come into the woods and rape her in the night.

A father describes how he abused his son:

"I was putting a large Ziploc bag over his head and taping it around his neck with black duct
tape and raping him to the point that he would turn blue, pass out. At that point I would rip the bag off his head, not for fear of hurting him, but for the excitement."
"After seeing him pass out and ripping the bag off his head…I'd jump up on his chest and masturbate in his face and make him suck my penis…as he started to come back awake. While he was coughing and choking I would rape him in the mouth."

From Anna Salter's book, Predators: Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders)

So the next time you hear Al Gore or some other "expert" debating the issue either way...you think about plastic bags. Not about how they pollute the environment.

But about how one was used by a little boy's father to suffocate him over and over again while the father raped him orally.

Then decide where you think its most important to put your money.