Saturday, July 12, 2008

For Adult educators, youth workers, and law enforcement only

Gangsterism: The Secret Nation. Compiled after 14 years of intensive research and experience working with gangs and educating youth workers, school staff, public and private groups, and law enforcement both local and federal. This CD-Rom is an inside look at one of our nation’s most secretive and dangerous subcultures. A collection of gang related educational material to help individuals learn more about gang culture, assessment and identification, working with the gang population, and building engagement with gang members. This is an excellent tool for members of law enforcement, college students, community groups, churches, and others involved in working with young people at risk.

The disk includes:

Gang Related: Assessment, Identification, and Interpretation of Gang Identifiers. A PDF booklet that includes assessment and identification of gang identifiers. Specifically designed to help individuals recognize gang related activity in a generalized manner. Regardless of whether the suspected gang activity is part of a larger more recognized group or a local gang with no direct ties to the most commonly known groups this PDF booklet will assist learners in identifying any form of gang activity in general terms. Excellent resource for law enforcement and others interested in gang identification.

Gang Videos: Educational videos which are from gang members themselves demonstrating some of the harsh realities of the lifestyle as well as more material that can be used to identify gang activity.

Graffiti Gallery: Photo collections of gang members and graffiti from the United States and beyond.

The Wannabe Lie: A paper on understanding what “true” gang activity is and how the misnomer of “wannabe” is one of the most dangerous things contributing to the proliferation and continued growth of gangs in rural areas.

Gang Interventions Power Point Presentations: An educational resource outlining the primary contributors to gang and other deviant group involvement by young people and what if anything can be done to reduce the level of gang / deviant group growth.

Additional Resource Materials and More: Additional resources and reference materials for individuals to learn more about gangs, deviant groups, and individual violence management.

If you are interested in learning more about gangs, contact me at for updates on the release of this very important CD-Rom.