Friday, February 01, 2008

Mentally challenged killers

(Italics represent excerpts from news story)
Mentally Retarded Women Used in Bombings
By STEVEN R. HURST – 1 hour ago
“BAGHDAD (AP) — Two mentally retarded women strapped with remote-control explosives — and possibly used as unwitting suicide bombers — brought carnage Friday to two pet bazaars, killing at 73 people in the deadliest day since Washington flooded the capital with extra troops last spring.”
Oh yeah. These are the people who according to some, we are supposed to be able to sit down with and negotiate like reasonable people. These are the people who are supposed to be mad at us for our “policies”. Policies don’t make anyone use mentally retarded people to do the work they are too cowardly to do themselves. Bin Laden and his sheep sit back in safety demanding that everyone else blows themselves up. Yet one of his big shot leaders, Khalid Mohammad (the supposed mastermind of 9-11) surrendered without a fight several years back. He’s the one in the pictures that looks like a fat broke Ron Jeremy. Some jihadist huh? My what brave warriors. Why didn’t he martyr himself? Why did bin Laden run, like a squealing pig, from Tora Bora? Why do these idiots think that an all powerful God would need men, women, and children to do His cleansing for Him? Seems to me that in their actions they are calling their own God weak. Why can’t these jihadist sheep ask themselves these kinds of questions?
“Associated Press records show that since the start of the war at least 151 people have been killed in at least 17 attacks or attempted attacks by female suicide bombers, including Friday's bombings. Women in Iraq often wear abayas, the black Islamic robe, and avoid thorough searches at checkpoints because men are not allowed to touch them and there are too few female police.”
Political correctness and fear of offending. You are free to practice your religion any way you please. UNTIL it jeopardizes the safety of innocent people. Al Qaeda would have to be a blathering bunch of idiots to not continue to use this technique. If they know no one is going to search these women then why would they not use them more and more to kill people? Your religion is your business. But when it puts at risk my friends, my countrymen, my family, then it becomes my business.
“Even the use of the handicapped in suicide bombings is not unprecedented in Iraq. In January 2005, Iraq's interior minister said insurgents used a disabled child in a suicide attack on election day. Police at the scene of the bombing said the child appeared to have Down syndrome.”
Yeah they’re just freedom fighters. What a noble cause. They rip their clothes off wailing in the street when one of our bombs misses the mark and accidentally kills a civilian child. But it’s ok for them to strap bombs to their own children, to women, and to mentally handicapped people and butcher non-combatants. I guess killing children if off limits unless they are the ones that get to do it.
The terrorists seem to be the real mentally challenged people here.