Monday, July 30, 2007


“Take the C off of charm and you have the truth...harm”
J. Sensing

CBS/AP) has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the popular social networking Web site

Those are the ones that they know about.

I recently saw another story about child molesters engaging married or single moms online in order to get to their children.

People just don’t get it.

IF YOU GO ONLINE, DO NOT, POST PERSONAL INFORMATION. Do not tell anyone that you have kids or where you live or what your real name is. And for God’s sake, don’t post your kids’ pictures online.

Unless you want some pedophile masturbating to them.

I have received emails from women in need of counseling. With no other information other than their email address you can often find out all of their personal information. I often run checks on people who contact me, just as security experiments. On at least two occasions, two women emailed me from their college email addresses. Within less than 5 minutes I was able to go to that school’s website and access, without any illegal hacking, their personal information. It was posted right their in public cyberspace.

Within 5 minutes I had their home addresses. 30 seconds later I could get driving directions from my house to theirs.

You better go and double check everything you put online. Unlike the real world in cyberspace you don’t know you are being stalked until you are in his hands. Don’t just think that because you put your personal information in someone else’s hands, like these ladies did with their college, that it is safe.

Cyberspace is often referred to as a fantasyland. Separate from the real world.


It is the real world, just as much as using a phone to talk to someone. We are fooled by the illusion of distance. We think across cyberspace we are safe. We are no more safe than if the predator is across the street looking into our window.

Chat rooms can be addictive. So can crack. You are a fool if you think you can’t be compromised. The thing is, you go in there with an attitude of “I won’t tell any real information” but if you encounter a charming person and he wants to spend enough time engaging you, telling you what you think you need to hear, you will tell and...he will own you.

Do you really think that serial killers, sex offenders, and the like look like monsters? Do you really think that most of them will speak in a Darth Vader like voice of evil? They are skilled and they are going to sound like a perfect angel. That is how they get the prey they are after. They will listen for your weaknesses. They will remember the things you think you need and aren’t getting. If you have low self esteem they will tell you how wonderful you are. If you are lonely, they will tell you that you are not alone. Coincidentally they will have “gone through the same thing” that you have. They will relate to you. They will have a “connection” to you.

You ever see someone’s pet snake kill and eat a mouse? The mouse is dropped in the cage and the snake usually doesn’t spring right into action. He lets the mouse get comfortable. He lets the mouse admire the beauty and colors of his skin. He lets the mouse crawl all over him. He lets the mouse drop its guard. He charms the mouse with his eyes and the hypnotic movement of his tongue.

Then he strikes, eating it head first and choking the life out of it.

In cyberspace they can engage us from the “safe” world of fantasy. It’s not safe. It’s more dangerous than the real world. Because they can surveil you. Stalk you. Find out where you live and where your kids go to school, if you are careless enough. And all of that without even using a hacking program. Imagine how much easier for those who know how to hack into your computer.

In the real world you may see them coming. From the distance of cyberspace you probably will not. They surveil your soul and find what it is missing. And they act like they have the answers.

They will charm you. Then drop the “c.”