Thursday, May 17, 2007

famous last com

"People that think there is good in everyone, haven't met everyone" -Anonymous
If you spend time chatting on the internet with people you don’t know. This will be the most important article you will ever read.

“He seemed like such a nice guy”

What do you usually hear after that? How that “nice guy” killed a bunch of people. Here’s the thing, most people think that they can spot a bad person. Most people think that a “bad guy” is going to look and sound and act like a bad guy. But the truth is that really good bad guys are the ones you never would suspect. And that’s in real time. Imagine how much easier it is for a killer on the internet. Its amazing the control that some of these master manipulators have over their prey.

More famous last words:
“Oh he would never do something like that.”

Even when shown the evidence, some people still live in denial. That there must be some mistake, that you just must be wrong about his intentions. Even when the evidence is right in front of them. Part of it is their pride to not look like a fool. Most of it is the threat that they may not be as “special” as they were led to believe.

A guy seduces a man’s wife. In person or on the internet. He pretends to care about her life, how special she is, how “different” from any other woman she is. He only cares about her and what is best for her. Yet his victim doesn’t seem to notice that this “caring” person could care less about destroying her marriage, her very family. Even if she is confronted with evidence of his lies she remains in denial. God what power some people have over others. This power is not the result of force but of the victim’s surrender.

Some victims are volunteers.

Consider the tragic story of John Robinson, who used the internet to seek out relationships. I guess he was lonely. He had surprising luck in finding someone to care about him and it didn’t matter that he wasn’t a handsome man, how much money he made, or what imperfections he had. I am sure he was a sweet guy. You can bet every one of the ladies he encountered probably considered him, “sweet.” He said the right things. He filled some “need” they had and they filled the needs he had.

And he filled garbage barrels with their decomposing bodies.

The internet has become the new hunting grounds. For every little bit of information you give some stranger, you have no idea how much easier it is for them to find you. I have been involved in internet threat assessment for several years. One guy I did an assessment on started out telling me where he taught school. One of my associates found a thesis paper of his online. Then we got his nickname. Then what his hobbies and some interests were. I was being his “friend.” I played that I was in need of learning from him. I fed his ego.

When I was done, I was able to find out when he graduated, that he had a daughter, what ball team she played for and without him giving me one, I had his photo. All from the internet. He never told me where his daughter played ball, but I found out. That came from using his nickname in a search. Imagine if I were a child molester.

And if you give me enough bits and pieces, I can find you. Imagine if I were a killer.

The power of charm is immeasurable. People think they are immune to it. You would be surprised at the number of victims who already knew everything they needed to know about how predators operate. But predators, good ones, don’t hide in your closet. They hide in your desire to be noticed. To feel good about yourself. They will make you feel good, right up until the point they ruin your marriage or slit your throat.

Do most people seriously think that predators will come at you with a Jason mask on? “He seems so sweet”. Yeah, kind of like a sucker. Which is what you will be if you fall for every little charming word. I have actually heard someone refer to an abusive spouse of her friend, “He’s a good guy 80% of the time.” Are you kidding me? The other 20% he’s beating the piss out of this woman’s friend.

Hitler probably was a good guy 80% of the time too. The other 20% he was ordering Jews on a train to be incinerated in ovens. Do some research and you’ll find in Hitler’s early days of his rise to power, women thought he was handsome and especially charming. I wonder how many of them he later had killed.

I will write this and some will read it. Even still some of you will fall victim after knowing this. Charm is bait. The need to be “something special” is a killer.

“The most dangerous thing is boredom and the need to feel special.” - J. Sensing

You bored? Feeling inadequate? Feel the need to feel special? Get online and try and get your ego fed. You’ll end up feeding someone else. You’ll be special alright. A special report on the local news.

If someone knows what they are doing, they can play most of you like a yo-yo. All they have to know is what the victim responds to and with skill, that takes about five minutes in a chat room. If the victim feels alone or hate the way they look, they will go after that. The predator will tell them how beautiful they are. If they feel the need to be looked up to, the predator acts like they aren’t as smart as them. If they feel like their spouse doesn’t do it for them anymore, the predator tells them how they’ve never met anyone like them before. You think they really get you, and you are right, they will get you.

You make the mistake of going to meet them in real time and you may never meet anyone ever again.

Maybe you run your mouth about your children. Maybe you tell them where you live. Then maybe you try and live with yourself after some child molester kills your kids for the sake of an orgasm. Funny how someone can tickle your ego and then screw you in more ways than one. Ego is man and woman’s greatest weakness.

The internet is not a safe place to flirt. The internet is not a safe place to develop any kind of relationship. If you don’t believe me, ask the 11 corpses John Robinson mutilated from their need to feel needed. Make no mistake about it. This was no fluke. There will be more.

The other famous last words that you should take heed to....

“It won’t happen to me.”