Tuesday, May 15, 2007


"What good does it do to save the whales, save the rainforest, or save the whole earth, if in the end we ignore the needs of our children and then there will be no one left to enjoy all that we have saved?"

“Murder takes the body, rape takes the soul. In either case, someone dies.” -Anthony

The eyes, the windows of the soul should not have witnessed what I have
Like a rock you have thrown through my spirit
I lie in splinters and bathe in broken glass

When you are no longer around to bruise, beat, and punish me
Break and suffer the children
I pick up the shards to gouge, cleanse, and cut my veins deeply

Far beyond blood, flesh, and bone
My soul lacerated
And I bleed out splinters of me breathless and cold

I have grown attached to this emaciated starvation
Thirst quenched on broken glass
Hungered but you will never touch me again in your deviled infatuation

There was no angel there in my cobwebbed prayers for salvation
In listless guilt I breathe in shadows of the past
Alone with your toxic hands and my filthy, defiled, degradation

I wretch at the thought of being broken in your presence
I would like to burn you
And my memory even if only in intolerable evanescence

Entombed my childhood in your prison of ‘do not tell’
There is neither pardon nor reprieve
Only the screeching of metal from your knotted, pearly gates of hell

Through a glass darkly is my discontented winter
Frozen bitter and palpable
I am loosing myself among all these bloody, broken splinters