Monday, July 23, 2007

road kill

“It’s not the bullet with my name on it I am concerned about. It’s the one addressed, ‘to whom it may concern.’”

One time I went to pull out onto the highway and drove into the turn lane so that I could get ready to move over. Then some idiot drives by and starts blowing his horn and giving me the one finger salute. I am not sure what his problem was unless he thought I was going to pull out in front of him. To which I wonder if he had enough sense to know what a turn lane is for.

He goes on up the road where he pulls into the driveway of an abandoned house. Then he jumps out and starts “challenging” me like some sort of 4th grader. I thought to myself how easy it would be just to shoot him from my car.

Thing was, I was armed.

I have difficulty understanding why someone would make such a challenge when he doesn’t have any information on the “enemy” he is challenging. Evidently Sun Tzu’s Art of War is not on his reading list.

Imagine if I had been a psycho. Imagine how utterly stupid he would realize he was, if I had pulled in for his 3rd grader schoolyard challenge and killed both him and his girlfriend. Lying on pavement pissing yourself as you bleed out, just doesn’t seem worth trying to act like the alpha-male does it?

Do you know what pretty much every workplace shooter had in common? Aside from the general behavioral characteristics?

They drove to the places where they tried to kill everyone.

I can understand road rage. There is something about the anonymity of being in a car, not being up close to a perceived threat, that makes us more likely to act aggressively. But bullets do not care what kind of windshield you have and they sure do not care about your anonymity.

Weigh this, the next time someone cuts you off, think long and hard about blowing your horn, flipping them off, and the ultimate suicidal stupidity, stopping for a fight. Maybe that guy is on his way to kill his coworkers.

Maybe he will start his body count with you.

We die by our rationalization that “it won’t happen to me.” And every corpse left decaying on the roadside following a road rage shooting said the same thing.
You never know if the “offender” may have an automatic rifle riding shotgun.

You could end up sharing the slow lane alongside the rotting carcass of a squirrel as the next road kill.