Friday, February 15, 2008

no red flags

``We should all be prepared for a situation like this,''
- Christopher Morlin, a 22-year-old junior mechanical engineering student at the University of Illinois.
From the news:
“Kazmierczak was a student about 175 miles away at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, police said, and there "were no red flags" warning of any violent behavior.” –From a newspaper article.

There are always red flags. Sometimes people just don’t recognize them. In the coming days, watch, you’ll begin to see more reports of anomalies in this person’s behavior.

Here’s one, from the same article:

People close to Kazmierczak indicated that he was taking medication but had recently stopped, "and he had become somewhat erratic in the last couple of weeks," Grady said.

But in another news article Police Chief Grady contradicts himself:

"We had no indication at all that this would be the type of person to engage in this type of activity."

``There were no red flags,'' Grady said. ``

There are always red flags.

It may turn out that the medication had nothing to do with mental health. But with Mr. Grady combining the two elements of the statement, “off his medication” and “somewhat erratic” we have to wonder why he would link the two statements if medication were not somewhat suspect.

Only those closest to this shooter will be able to reveal things that are not readily available on the surface. More people need to be trained on what to look for.

No one EVER just snaps.

There are always red flags.