Friday, August 15, 2008

World Famous Trolls

From the News:
Leonard Padilla and his nephew, Tony Padilla, said they will arrive in Orlando on Sunday and post a $500,000 bond for Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee, who has been missing since mid-June.

Leonard Padilla, who hosts a TV show called "Bounty Hunters" on National Geographic, told Local 6 News that he has been talking to Casey Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, about bailing his client out of jail.

"We eat in the same room, sleep in the same room. After a while, these people feel better than sitting in a cell looking at the walls, and they will discuss things that they won't discuss with parents or anybody else," Leonard Padilla said.

The Padillas announced the move in an e-mail to Local 6 News.

The e-mail stated:

"On Sunday, August 17, World Famous Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla, owner of Tony Padilla Bail Bonds of Sacramento, CA., will be traveling to Orlando with two of Leonard Padilla's associates. Tony Padilla will be posting a $500,000.00 bond for the release of Casey Anthony."


You have got to be kidding me. Leonard Dick Padilla. No I didn't make up the middle name.

This loon is going to bail out a woman who REFUSES to tell anyone anything about her missing daughter. She refuses to tell the truth about anything. If you've not read the story, you should.

In addition she has lied and lied and lied about everything from where she worked, the existence of a phantom babysitter, to mysterious kidnappers. This same mother's mother, reported that the smell of death she noticed in the woman's car turned out to be "rotten pizza." Then she conveniently washed the clothing in the car that smelled like death.

They waited over a month to report the child missing.

So along comes this "World Famous Bounty Hunter"...yeah that's what he calls himself, is going to bail out this creature in order to "get her to talk." His supposed assumption is that if she is in a better environment, a Jesus inspired miracle will happen and she'll suddenly get a conscience.

I've read countless posts on news sources where people have said that maybe she will eventually feel guilty about what happened.


Pathological liars and sociopaths NEVER feel guilty about anything. This same woman who complained from her jail cell about not getting to talk to her "boyfriend" instead of talking to the cops about where her little girl disappeared to is supposed to suddenly feel compelled to talk in the presence of this attention and ratings seeking turd.

Sociopaths and pathological liars are incapable of feeling guilt. Please people before you comment on something, stop viewing other people in the way "you would do it." Bother to research what kind of personality, what kind of behaviors, what kind of brains that sociopaths and pathological liars have.

They can cut a person apart and feel no different than you would cutting a steak. And for you vegetarians, cutting a piece of cabbage.

They are self centered, narcissistic, charming, lying, manipulative individuals who only seek to serve their own interests in life. They are unable to change this behavior. There is no rehabilitation for a sociopath. In short, they are not like most people. They are the closest thing to a monster you will ever encounter. And the majority of them do not kill. But they do enjoy manipulating others, using others, and playing people against each other for sheer entertainment.

Now this goofball believes that he is some sort of psychiatrist, mentor, or spiritual guide who will be able to get her to talk by "living with her????"

You cannot tell me that this is ANYTHING but a grab for attention, an attempt to draw ratings to his TV show. I'd never heard of this guy until this story, which goes to show you that what he is doing is working.

This woman, this so called mother isn't as smart as she thinks she is. Unfortunately she is still able to fool stupid people.

This "World Famous Bounty Hunter" AS HE CALLS HIMSELF you have got to have serious doubts about. Who refers to himself as world famous anything?

He's as transparent as wet toilet tissue. Although I feel like toilet tissue probably is more useful.

For God's sake this woman is the only person who knows exactly what happed to her little girl. This same "mom" who went out partying and making stupid high school party pictures AFTER her daughter went missing.

Yeah, she's just eat up with guilt.

Nothing she says regardless of where she is at can be taken seriously. But now she's going to be in good company. I find it hard to take this so called "World Famous Bounty Hunter" serious either.

He's a troll looking for ratings, a book deal, and fame.

Then there's the ever charming grandmother (Cindy Anthony) claiming that pizza was found in the car, I guess after she made the 911 call reporting that the car smelled like a dead body, she must have noticed the magic pizza rotten with maggots. Yeah that's what she claimed.

That is a blatant lie. Period. Think what you will about the grandmother but that is a lie. Pizza does NOT ever smell like a corpse. EVER. Just take one and let it set in the trunk of your car for 2 weeks, you'll find nothing more than the smell of grease and pizza "jerky." Pizza lady also says that when this all comes out, Casey will be seen as mother of the year.

Oh my God.

The moronic mother (Casey Anthony) of this missing child didn't have enough sense to shut her stupid mouth up either as her self centered, spoiled mouth ran on jailhouse recordings. Pissing and moaning about wanting her boyfriend's telephone number. If its not her, then the brother is being interviewed and chuckling about throwing out toys for the child (that were donated by well meaning well wishers) that smelled like cigarrette smoke. Yeah, that's what I'd be doing on the news if my niece was gone for over a month...chuckling and telling people that their gifts were thrown in the trash.

The grandmother, the pizza lady, has been aggressive, short, and smart mouthed from day one with the media, then bitches about the media all the time now. When she is not talking about what all SHE'S been through, how tired SHE is, or how SHE hasn't had any sleep she's blaming everyone from the phantom babysitter (that she has never seen) to some sort of anonymous kidnapping terrorists who have yet to send demands for the return of the child. She's also a private investigator now who follows up on her own tips that she doesn't bother to tell the cops about. Oh yeah then there are the sightings all over the country of the girl that she says have to be real, as if the kidnappers have the ability to bend space and time and jump from state to state in a matter of hours. The real problem is not fairy tale phantoms kidnapping the child, its the troll sitting in prison more concerned with partying and banging her boyfriend than finding her little girl.

Then there's the grandfather and his rants against the media. Threatening to "run over" reporters and whatnot. Too bad he doesn't seem to have the balls to use that anger towards his daughter to get her to talk. Rather the whole family seems to say "honey this" or "baby that" trying to sweet talk the only person who knows where the child is.

Now they finally got a spokesman for their family to deal with the media. Some other troll who was media spokesman for guess who?

John Mark Karr. The little sick twit that claimed he killed Jon Benet Ramsey. Well isn't that fitting.

Another troll.

Seems that everyone in the family and everyone connected to the family is seeking attention for everything else but where it should be. On the child and the lack of cooperation this so called mother is exhibiting in the case.

All the attention seeking trolls need to shut up. The only one who should be talking is the one who isn't. And now the hope of finding this little girl rests solely on the shoulders of this guy:

"Everyone has read about them in books and seen them portrayed on TV or in movies. However, when we hear the name Bounty Hunter we think of images from the old west, the wanted posters offering a reward and "Wanted Dead or Alive"."
-From his website...talking in the third person about himself. EVERYONE has heard of him?

When is the music video comin' out Leonard? Where can a get a T-shirt?

Certainly makes me feel confident.

World Famous Bounty Hunter my a@@.