Saturday, August 16, 2008

too late

Nobody wants any information on gangs until someone they care about gets hurt by one. Or until their kid gets involved in one. Until there is a "problem" in their own neighborhood.

Too late.

Nobody wants to know anything about terrorism until someone runs an airplane into a building where someone they care about works. Or until their son is shipped off to fight them on foreign soil.

Too late.

Nobody wants to know anything about what makes a person kill their own child until it happens in their community.

Too late.

Nobody wants to know anything about what makes a person go into a restaurant or a school and methodically shoot people, TAKING TIME TO RELOAD WITHOUT BEING STOPPED BY ANYONE, until it happens to their kid or at a school in their community.

Too late.

Nobody wants to know how predators choose their prey, how rapists operate, or how to avoid getting brutalized until it happens to them or someone they love.

Too damn late.

By God though let some new information come out about "Brangelina", Britney Spears, or some other "star" then people are foaming at the mouth to buy the latest edition of People, US, or some stupid book written by someone who knows someone who knows someone on the inside.

I used to teach self defense for women and offer it all over my community. I didn't charge outlandish prices like some of these BS over priced seminars you can find on the internet. I only asked for a simple donation of any amount whatsoever and in the process provided those who attended written training manuals at my own expense.

Turn out was usually dismal at best. In fact most of the women who came had already been victims of sexual assault and other forms of violent crime or knew someone close to them who did.

Yeah. Too late.

People spend millions of dollars a year on football games, gossip magazines, and over priced crap clothing to "fit in", like sheep.

That's the problem though isn't it? Sheep are the easiest to slaughter. They aren't paying attention to what's going on around them. They've got their heads to the ground worrying only about their immediate appetites. They have no idea how to protect themselves nor do they care.

Until a wolf begins to rip them apart.

Too late.

I used to give lots of things away and volunteer a lot of time to help people learn to be more safe, to protect themselves. I couldn't bring myself to rip people off by charging $200 bucks for a gang seminar or a self defense class like so many other parasites do. Let me let you in on a secret. They don't have any more information on how to defend yourself or understand gangs than anyone else does.

"Sheeple" see money and assume it must be great. Just like clothing labels. I guess my morals, like always, have prevented me from being some big shot.

No more am I giving out any free information. I've had my stuff stolen and ripped off (once by a woman completing her teaching degree where she used one of my manuals as the bulk of her paper to graduate).


Our society has become so self absorbed and so easily titillated by immediate gratification that they have become unable to protect themselves or actually LEARN anything on their own. Unless its in a forwarded BS email or on the new messiah, Oprah. Eventually our society will pay for their self absorbed and self centered behavior. The wolves are out there and they do train everyday to kill people. In the training ground violent arenas of their minds, in the deserts overseas, on streets where cops don't go, and maybe in your own backyard. But most people won't care until the wolf has them by the throat.

Too late.

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