Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just some of the nearly 200 children butchered by Islamic terrorists.

"We cannot buy our way into heaven by having mercy on devils."

Attorney General Eric Holder's decision to investigate the alleged torture of terror suspects by the CIA goes against the advice of President Obama, who said he wants to "look forward, not backwards" on the controversial interrogation techniques approved during the Bush administration. The White House made it clear Holder is acting on his own. "The President thinks that the decision of who to investigate and to prosecute is in his (Holder's) hands," said deputy White House press secretary Bill Burton. The review details the interrogation of high-ranking Al Qaeda operative Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the architect of the 2000 USS Cole bombing. One agent said he could have the terrorist's mother brought in, implying she would be raped in front of him. Agents also cocked a gun next to Al Nashiri's head, and revved a power drill next to his ear. They also staged a fake execution to get him to talk. All of these tricks went further than the harsh tactics the Bush administration approved. Holder said he will not seek charges against the lawyers who crafted the interrogation laws. Rather, potential prosecution will be limited to about 10 CIA agents who actually inflicted torture on detainees


Are you fxxxing kidding me? Mr. Holder are you trying to make a name for yourself? Do you really think that all the world is going to nominate you for a Nobel Peace Prize? Are you trying to outshine President Obama (who you are directly going against...Holder you aren't in charge btw)

Let me tell you something. And I hope you get this somehow someway.

Unlike you, I have seen what these animals are capable of. Unlike you, who hides behind your suits that cost more than what most of us make in a month, unlike you who sits on your prissy behind and casts judgments like some sort of dimwitted Monday morning quarterback, I've seen what these people do to victims who have done nothing to them.

They don't rev damn drills. The ram them into hogtied hostages. They don't throw water into captive's faces, they castrate them and let them bleed out. They don't use psychological warfare making fake threats against families, they instead butcher our families. And praise "god" for it.

Have you ever heard of Beslan? Beslan Russia in case you don't know where that is on the map. In case the nose you look down upon people with gets in the way. That is the place where Islamic terrorists took over 1000 people, the majority of which were children hostage and made them live in their own filth for 3 days. Executing fathers in front of their children. Eventually they SLAUGHTERED over 300 people, the majority of which were children. All for their "god."

Oh, then there was that World Trade Center thing. (You might be able to find something on the internet about that incident.)

Not to mention, Spain, London, (lost count of the attacks in Pakistan, Israel, India, Egypt, Turkey and pretty much every country in the middle east.) China, Bali, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and the list goes on.

AND YOU WANT TO EXTEND SOME SORT OF BS OLIVE BRANCH!!!!????? By threatening to prosecute individuals who pretended to threaten the lives of these terrorist's families to get information. Who revved drills in the rooms but NEVER CUT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Now you are going to prosecute and by doing so, release the names of these agents WHO HAVE KEPT INNOCENTS ALIVE by acquiring information necessary to prevent numerous attacks.

Are you intelligent enough to realize that these CIA agents' families will now be on the target lists of these terrorists. Or do you not give a damn if their kids are slaughtered either?

You ain't getting the Nobel Peace Prize and the only name for yourself you are making is one that I will not say here. You are going to get innocent people killed so that you can look good. So that you can kiss the Islamacists asses thinking you are somehow saving the world. Well, that part is not true, you aren't doing it for anything as noble as saving the world.

Your actions will not only endanger and condemn the lives of the families of these agents to certain death but you are endangering us all. In the end, when it is all said and done, when radiological devices go off in downtown Manhattan, LA, or Chicago. When VX or Sarin gas kills a thousand people in a subway. When the Sears tower collapses, when Hoover dam breaks, when DC gets nuked you will be considered a war criminal yourself I strongly suspect.

You may think public opinion is on your side now. But when hell is unleashed on this country because of you and your administration's candy-assed approach to "fighting" terrorism, the American people will remember you. And your responsibility in allowing it to happen.

I want you to look at the Beslan children. I want you to go back and watch people, burning, jumping out of the World Trade Center, I want you to look at the bodies strewn across the streets like garbage in Bali. I want you to watch EVERY SINGLE BEHEADING VIDEO THEY HAVE EVER MADE. As I am sure you have not seen a single one. I want you to remember the blood Islamic terrorists have spilled.

You are not Pontius Pilate. You will not be able to wash your hands of the blood of the innocent that die because you played games with these terrorists. Nor are you going to be the new Jesus. You aren't saving anything or anyone.

I firmly believe that the first CIA agent that looses a family member because of your arrogant, ignorant, and foolish attitude should lead the charge to have you prosecuted.

I have more respect for al Qaeda than I do you. At least they care about their own more than they do about how they look. More than they do about headlines. At least they are determined to win a war, that obviously you and your so called administration is not.

I know the safety of my children, and my readers' children doesn't make a damn to you, but consider that the terrorists aren't that picky. You endanger everyone from DC to skid row with your pathetic attempt to make a name for yourself and the full on blatant lie you hide behind you call justice.

There is no greater treachery than endangering the lives you are sworn to protect in order to appease an enemy who knows no such word as peace. In the end, who will be considered the war criminal?

Maybe you should think long and hard on that. After a night of watching the beheading videos. It may not turn your stomach though or give you that sick heartbroken feeling in your gut.

You have to have guts for that.

Theresia Morangke, Alfita Poliwo, and Yarni Sambue...3 girls ages 15-17. Beheaded in Indonesia by Islamic terrorists. Their heads were placed in garbage bags and placed on the steps of a church and near a police station. The note left behind said that '100 more would be beheaded and left as presents.'