Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unholy Terror

Today the news media has reported that the Department of Homeland Security has announced that the domestic terrorism threat is becoming more of a priority and growing danger. Some in the media and on the right have had somewhat of a knee jerk reaction to this. Stating that they are afraid that this will infringe upon their rights to protest abortion and related issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth. What these individuals don't realize is the mentality of the very far right extremists that DHS is warning us about. Not conservatives, but radicals. Radicals much like the Islamic radicals we have dealt with for so long.

You may ask why.

What is happening is that the current administration is doing things that feed right into the extremist ideology and paranoid conspiracy mindset. The government's involvement in the banking system, the government getting involved with actual businesses and firing heads of corporations like GM. Reducing or limiting the amount of money that people can make, as in the cap on bonuses and income for the very wealthy. And the government's incessant rambling about how Mexican drug cartels are using guns coming primarily from the US.

While many of these things may seem to lean towards socialism, that is not the point of this explanation of the DHS warning. More readily it makes the paranoid, more paranoid. This, in the minds of the anti-government groups, White Supremacist movements, and related groups, is the fulfillment of their worst nightmare. A takeover of the freedoms of US citizens by an ever growing government.

Debate will rage about the accuracy of these claims among the average person. But there is no debate with the extremists. We should always be vigilant about the state of our government and not allow it to grow out of control. But these groups already believe that the government dark agents are hiding under the beds.

Not only do many of these groups hate whatever political party is in power and fear them due to the conspiracy mindset, but another danger is the great element of White Supremacists and their hatred for a bi-racial president.

Individuals like Timothy McVeigh epitomize this kind of conspiracy minded belief system. The real danger that is growing like a storm on the horizon is the threat of another Oklahoma city.

Or worse.

As I have noted in previous blogs on this site, it is the White Supremacist movement that has come the closest to acquiring and utilizing biological and chemical weapons. Add to this a potential alliance between these groups and those of the Islamic extremist ideology and the problem grows exponentially.

Why would the two work together if each believes the other is inferior?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

With both ideologies focusing on their own religious beliefs (though not all anti-government groups claim a religious affiliation), they believe what they are doing is for their God. Whether that God is called Allah or Christ. Their targets of “holy” retribution will be similar.

Government buildings, left leaning organizations, right leaning organizations that they feel are “traitors”, and ultimately places of large gatherings, where the casualty count is higher. While the media has had somewhat of a knee jerk reaction to the DHS warning they too should be aware that they are a primary target. Both extremist ideologies believe that the media is controlled by Jews. The people they believe want to rule the world.

Conspiracy theory, radicalized religious or political beliefs, the desire to hate and blame someone or something for their personal woes, and paranoia are just some of the uniting elements between Islamic radicals and and anti-government groups. This making a fertile environment for accelerating violence. And a potential alliance between two forces claiming a holy cause.

Two forces that are anything but holy.