Thursday, June 05, 2008

a new holocaust

"The message is, the cells are out here and they are already in place…They might not be cells of Islamic people, but they are here and they are ready to fight."

- August Kreis, Aryan Nations leader.

The holocaust may have ended with the close of World War 2. But if some have their way, that one was only just the beginning.

Those haunting words are not from some foreign extremist bent on bringing down the US government from outside. But from those who reside within our own borders.

If you think the violent days of the Klan, Nazis, or other white supremacist movements are over, you are greatly mistaken. While for over 7 years, al-Qaeda has dominated the terrorism news, we should not forget the first terrorists on American soil were not from “over there.” But over here.

The insurgency not only exists in places like Iraq, but silently, in places like Michigan, Texas, Ohio, and most states in the US. At this time the level of violence is subdued, but not unheard of. The violent potential of Neo-Nazi / white supremacist movements is like bubbling magma just under the surface of a paper thin ground.

For some time we have heard speculation of al Qaeda’s desire to utilize Islamic extremists that do not “look Middle Eastern.” However it may be easier than that. Besides homegrown al Qaeda sympathizers, those we would least expect to become a part of an al Qaeda funded terrorist plot, may not only be white but non-Muslim. While ideologies are different, their focus, their enemies are the same.

Conspiracy theory, paranoid driven, belief that the Jews are out to dominate the world and control the government are shared by both al Qaeda, their affiliates, and the majority if not all of the white supremacist movement.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

As far as we know, al Qaeda has yet to make a noteworthy attempt to poison Americans on their own soil with nerve gas, Ricin, or some biological weapon.

Not so with the white supremacists.

-White-power interest in bioterrorism goes back to the early 1980s, when movement leader Bob Miles gave one group called the Covenant Sword and Arm of the Lord a barrel of cyanide to poison a major city's water supply.

-In 1993, Thomas Lavy, a member of the Aryan Nations, mixed up a batch of Ricin, a deadly poison made from castor beans. The FBI arrested Lavy in Arkansas, and he hung himself in jail before anyone could figure out what he was up to. That same year, a Minnesota woman went to the cops complaining her husband had leveled a shotgun at her. She told of a stash of poison, which on investigation also turned out to be ricin, meant for U.S. marshals who seized a friend's property for tax violations.

-In 1995, a onetime Aryan Nations member was convicted of wire fraud after buying three vials of inert bubonic bacteria from a Maryland laboratory.

-From, The Village Voice, article by James Ridgeway, White Power and Al Qaeda Unite Against America: Osama’s New Recruits

If there is any doubt that this kind of threat is dead. Read what Kreis is posting on his website. And remember that he is allowed to do so under the First Amendment created by the people of the very government he wishes to destroy.

"Given the complete failure of the so-called pro-white "Movement," for the past thirty years, to produce any results whatsoever, and barring some kind of total change in economic and social conditions which might allow for the rise of a genuine White mass movement, it would appear that our only real hope lies in small numbers of people acting individually or in very small groups. (Clarification for all you keyboard commandos: "acting" means getting out from behind your computer keyboards, message forums and actually DOING something.) This is what Louis Beam and Tom Metzger have called "Leaderless Resistance."

The most recent example of this type of activity is the sharpshooter who wasted that Jew abortionist in
New York..."

-August Kreis

While the two ideologies do not share the same beliefs or all the same goals. They both are willing to dip their fingers in the same blood. They both are looking for a new holocaust.

Yours and mine.