Thursday, September 11, 2008

they were our kids too

Pictured: Dana and Zoe Falkenberg both killed on 9-11.

Suffer the children...

"The dead included 8 children: 5 on American 77 ranging in age from 3 to 11, 3 on United 175 ages 2, 3, and 4. The youngest victim was a 2 year-old child on Flight 175."
-Wikipedia / Yahoo Answers (How many children were killed on the 9-11 terrorist attacks?)

American Airlines Flight 77

* Asia Cottom, Age 11 of Washington, D.C.
* Bernard Curtis Brown, Age 11 of Washington, D.C.
* Dana Falkenberg, Age 3 of of University Park, Md.
* Rodney Dickens, Age 11 of Washington, D.C.
* Zoe Falkenberg, Age 8 of University Park, Md.

United Airlines Flight 175

* Christine Lee Hanson, Age 2 of Groton, Mass.
* David Reed Gamboa Brandhorst, Age 3 of Los Angeles, Calif.
* Juliana Valentine McCourt, Age 4 of New London, Conn.

Before they died, the last things these children would see were men armed with knives cutting the throats of flight attendents and passengers.

It is not nor has ever been about jealousy of our freedoms, our power or our policies. It has been about their indoctrinated hatred taught by questionably motivated religious fanatics.

"We have behaved like the well meaning narcissits that we are. We have asked WHY they did this to US. We have been searching our souls, when we should have been examining theirs."

-Willard Gaylin on the drivers of terrorism from his book, Hatred: The Psychological Descent Into Violence