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Urgent Massachusetts Area

Amber Alert: Dad allegedly kidnaps girl
By Mike Underwood and O’Ryan Johnson | Monday, July 28, 2008 | | Local Coverage

A 7-year-old, blond-haired beauty and the dad who allegedly snatched her from a Back Bay street during a supervised visit were the focus of an intense police hunt last night, as new details emerged of a valiant social worker’s desperate attempt to thwart the kidnapping.

Boston police said Clark Rockefeller was on a supervised visit with his daughter, Reigh Rockefeller, when he pushed the male social worker and whisked his little girl into the back of a waiting SUV on Marlborough Street at 12:44 p.m. yesterday.

But the determined social worker grabbed the back of the SUV and was dragged along the street for a short distance as he tried in vain to stop Rockefeller from fleeing the scene, police said.

“The social worker started to chase, grabbed the vehicle and was dragged for a short distance. He is going to be OK,” said Boston police spokeswoman Elaine Driscoll.

Rockefeller, who police say is in his 50s, allegedly launched the violent abduction as they walked toward the Public Gardens.

Police said the SUV sped toward Berkeley Street and headed for Storrow Drive. A State Police Amber Alert was issued for the girl yesterday afternoon for the girl.

The girl and her mother, who both live in London, had been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, police sources said.

Boston police said Rockefeller may also be using the names Clark Mills or James Frederick.

An arrest warrant was issued last night for Rockefeller on charges of custodial kidnapping, assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Reigh Rockefeller, whose nickname is “Snooks,” is 4 feet tall, weighs 50 pounds and has blue eyes and blond hair. She was last seen wearing a pink and white sundress and red shoes. She also wears prescription glasses.

Clark Rockefeller is 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighs about 170 pounds, is of stocky build, has thinning blond hair and blue eyes and was last seen wearing a blue Lacoste shirt and khaki pants.

The car is described as possibly a black Chevy Tahoe or Suburban or GMC Yukon or Denali with a Red Sox [team stats] sticker on the right rear passenger side and Red Sox license plates.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Reigh Rockefeller, Clark Rockefeller, or the vehicle they are traveling in should call 911 or 617-343-4328 immediately.

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

They got more money than God

To the best of my knowledge I know of no nationwide network in existence to help get kids out of gangs. So even when they want out but have no family to go to, they are stuck. Where they will most likely die. I also have been criticized for making remarks about how there should be no gang graffiti anywhere near a church if they were doing outreach like they are supposed to.

On any given night in the US it is estimated that there are approximately 1.2 million homeless children.

In the US for people ages between 55 and 64, the THIRD leading cause of death is lack of health insurance.

Statistics vary between 18,000 to 30,000 children starve to death in the world...


But then we have people defending this as God's work:

Benny Hinn:
A 100 million dollar a year televangelist who "specializes" in healing...often by shoving people down and claiming God did it. :

Owns a home with 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms (with an oceanside view) that is seven thousand square feet and costs an estimated 10 million dollars. He also has a private jet which costs 112,000 dollars a month to use the plane. He also owns a Mercedes SUV and Convertable estimated at about 80,000 a piece.

He's also known for having "layovers" while on trips where he seems to be fond of expensive hotel rooms. Here are a few different prices for the suites he has stayed in:

Most expensive hotel rooms:
990 bucks a night.
1700 bucks a night.
2700 bucks a night.
3124 bucks a night. And are you ready for it? Drum roll please...the most expensive hotel room "Pastor" Hinn has paid for...

10,800 bucks a night. No, I didn't add an extra zero. That must make the homeless kids in our nation feel good. I'm sure he prays for them though.

He also has spent as much as 6 thousand dollars in 4 weeks on clothing shopping sprees. So homeless kids, stay warm this winter the best way you know how.

Then there's Joyce Meyer. She believes that all of us are "little gods" and that what we say, the words that come out of our mouths actually have some sort of magical effect on what happens to us. (Isn't that sort of like witchcraft?)

Her "ministry" stats:
Has a $23,000 chester drawer, which was first reported as being a toilet. (Still not sure what the truth is on that.)
Her ministry brings in about 95 million dollars a year. (Bet she's got good health insurance too.) She and her husband Dave have a "modest" $2 million home, a $10 million private jet, and houses worth another $2 million for the couple's children, who also work for the ministry. Oh and she recently bought a $500,000 vacation home. Pretty sure none of those homes are anywhere near the places where homeless children sleep in the streets.

Oh and she also paid for some cosmetic surgery. Evidently the part of the Bible that says God doesn't look at people like people do, He looks at the heart...well she missed that one. Oh and there's that thing about vanity.

Never mind the kids in gangs that want to get out but can't afford to have their gang tattoos removed. Which just basically says "target" from there on out.

But wait there's more great ministers out there. More shepherds for the lost. More people doing God's work...feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, that old chestnut.

Kenneth Copeland:
He has a four plane fleet of private planes. Yeah I said a godforsaken FLEET. One such plane is estimated to be around 20 million dollars. All of these parked (when not going on vacation) at the "ministry's private airport".

Maybe the homeless kids could sleep on the tarmac sometime when he is off ministering.

Creflo Dollar: (No I'm not making his name up.)
Owns a 2.4 million dollar apartment. AND a mansion, private jet, and at least two Rolls Royces (at last count.) Hey, maybe he can swing by and pick up a couple of kids and take 'em in style to the homeless shelter tonight.

Creflo also says that Jesus was a rich man. (I think someone took that book or page or verse or whatever out of my Bible...can't seem to locate that...) And was featured in a rap video called "money comin'".

Jesus was never on MTV.

So let's review:
Starving children, homeless kids, kids left with few if any outreach choices to get them out of gangs, kids with no health insurance whose grandparents with no health insurance are almost as likely to die from lack of health insurance than they are of cancer. And so on. Of course to hear these men and women of God explain it, if you are faithful to God, you should give to them. And if you don't get that healing you asked for or that financial blessing you asked for, well then you still got some sort of unresolved sin in your life.

And for compare and contrast televangelists vs the guy they are supposed to represent and model themselves after:

Televangelists Living Arrangements:
Homes ranging from 10 million dollars a piece to God knows how much.
Out in the field, staying with friends, maybe a makeshift tent from time to time.

Televangelists' Travel Means:
20 million dollar jets, Bentley's and a couple of Rolls here and there.
Feet. Oh and a donkey once.

Televangelists' Yearly Incomes:
Some up to 100 million dollars or more.
Fish and a few loaves of bread donated by folks here and there.

Televangelists' Hotel Accommodations While Away:
Up to 10,000 dollar a night hotel rooms.
The dirt.

Televangelists' Wardrobes:
(How many of them do you see wear the same outfit twice) much as 6,000 dollars in a month of shopping sprees.
Uh...some sandals and maybe a robe with the comfort level of burlap.

That whole thing in the bible about the "meek inheriting the earth", "the love of money being the root of all evil", Birds having nests but Jesus not even having a place to lay his head, or being sure to "store up your treasures in Heaven" as opposed to here on earth, well that section must have been stolen from THEIR bibles.

So whether you believe in God or not or just aren't sure. Don't ask the stupid question, "If God exists why does He let children starve to death?" He doesn't. He's not the one flying around in a 20 million dollar jet sporting Versace, renting hotel rooms that cost more than some of our cars or rollin in a Bentley. Nor is he paying a thousand dollars to go see Mylie Cyrus, a hundred bucks to go to a football game, or $10,000 dollars for a handbag. God doesn't let children suffer and starve to death.

We do.

Televangelists...couple of more thing for you to think about when you're flying in luxury and kids are dying...this is from the book you make your money off of:

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27

"Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.'

"They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?'

"He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'

Matthew Chapter 25

Saturday, July 12, 2008

For Adult educators, youth workers, and law enforcement only

Gangsterism: The Secret Nation. Compiled after 14 years of intensive research and experience working with gangs and educating youth workers, school staff, public and private groups, and law enforcement both local and federal. This CD-Rom is an inside look at one of our nation’s most secretive and dangerous subcultures. A collection of gang related educational material to help individuals learn more about gang culture, assessment and identification, working with the gang population, and building engagement with gang members. This is an excellent tool for members of law enforcement, college students, community groups, churches, and others involved in working with young people at risk.

The disk includes:

Gang Related: Assessment, Identification, and Interpretation of Gang Identifiers. A PDF booklet that includes assessment and identification of gang identifiers. Specifically designed to help individuals recognize gang related activity in a generalized manner. Regardless of whether the suspected gang activity is part of a larger more recognized group or a local gang with no direct ties to the most commonly known groups this PDF booklet will assist learners in identifying any form of gang activity in general terms. Excellent resource for law enforcement and others interested in gang identification.

Gang Videos: Educational videos which are from gang members themselves demonstrating some of the harsh realities of the lifestyle as well as more material that can be used to identify gang activity.

Graffiti Gallery: Photo collections of gang members and graffiti from the United States and beyond.

The Wannabe Lie: A paper on understanding what “true” gang activity is and how the misnomer of “wannabe” is one of the most dangerous things contributing to the proliferation and continued growth of gangs in rural areas.

Gang Interventions Power Point Presentations: An educational resource outlining the primary contributors to gang and other deviant group involvement by young people and what if anything can be done to reduce the level of gang / deviant group growth.

Additional Resource Materials and More: Additional resources and reference materials for individuals to learn more about gangs, deviant groups, and individual violence management.

If you are interested in learning more about gangs, contact me at for updates on the release of this very important CD-Rom.

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Myspace Mayberry RFD Barney Phife is on the prowl

Myspace "security" found this photo too "offensive" for me to use as a profile image. It "violated" their terms such as cyber-bullying (Do these idiots actually ever read ANY of the blogs on myspace?), terms such as violent images (Never mind that this is demonstrating the dangers of underestimating gang violence and showing how simple analysis works / oh, and especially never mind that there are THOUSANDS of Myspace sites out there with guns as layouts, gang flags and scenes as layouts, violent and bloody Gothic images as layouts and so on), and they also have terms against nudity.

Oh you mean like pictures of women stripping onstage, open mouthed incestuous kissing between a mother and daughter stripper and so on? A simple search engine using "burlesque" and "Myspace" turns up site after site after site.

Who are these IDIOTS working as Myspace security? Are they like the fat guys at the mall walking around like Barney Phife with their little flashlights and radios?


Just do this. Google the word "Crip" and "Myspace" and see how many profiles you can find promoting the Crip lifestyle. You will find hundreds if not thousands. You can do that with any gang name.

So I have to wonder what was the motivation? Does Myspace have some gang member working as part of their "security team?" Why would they pick that image out of all the pseudo-porn, gang violent images, and death backgrounds to single out?

The Myspace blog I have promotes education about gang and other violence issues just like this one does. It promotes gang intervention and protecting young people from violence. But some idiot on their team decided that the above picture might be offensive. Can this jackass read?

There are pictures of underage kids drinking, running around barely clothed, and promoting gangsterism all over Myspace. Where are the security teams then? has to wonder. If they were to actually follow their own rules and delete every account that features such things, just how many profiles would they have left? Myspace exists not because someone "cares" so much about friends keeping in touch...its the advertising.

Get rid of hundreds or thousands of sites and your advertising potential goes away. Just like everything else you have to wonder just where money must figure into the picture.

I can tell you this. If Myspace wants to continue to make issues out of things that are meant to decrease violence and victimization of our youth and pick out those they feel won't fight back then they have a long road ahead.

Just like YouTube will take down material they consider offensive, like some fetish video where a woman steps on a bug yet they leave up thousands of jihadist videos featuring our soldiers getting blown up as entertainment you have to wonder what the motivation is really.

Oh but let's not forget Myspace has its terms. Its "security measures". You know like you have to be a certain age to have an account. No one would ever be able to lie on their profile though could they?

These "Mayberry" wannabe cops I suppose have to remove some things sometimes to actually look like they are doing their jobs. I just hope that the powers that be behind Myspace don't actually pay these idiots for their work.

I'm going to let this one go this time. But if I am harrassed again by these morons I will make it my personal mission to inundate their "report image violation" boxes. Wouldn't it suck for the Myspace "empire" to crumble due to all the porn, violence, and predatory opportunities they allow for child molesters to make CNN's headlines with a major lawsuit by a bunch of motivated concerned citizens?

One statistic from a couple of years ago mentioned that there are over 29,000 REGISTERED sex offenders on Myspace. What is Myspace doing allowing sex offenders to create Myspace accounts? These are the moronic sex offenders dumb enough to even get caught. Imagine how many other predators they have using Myspace as their personal shopping center for the rape of children.

It figures really. Someone tries to do the right thing, to do something good and there's always some SOB trying to throw a wrench into it. While allowing ungodly and unholy filth and violence to go on.

So Myspace if you want to become the new internet moral majority then you'd better be very sure of how in order your own house is.

Then "Nip it, nip it in the bud.

Myspace Security Teams Doing a Fine Job:

Myspace Investigations ...Just a few:
Sex, drugs, murder, terrorism...

Murder and Violence

Threats of mass shootings

Child Molesters


Street gangs using Internet for violent bragging rights
Masked hoodlums making threats at MySpace, other sites


The hoodlum in the photo holds a shotgun and claims to be a 17-year-old Tacoma gang member. He's draped in blue and uses "East Side Rebels" as his screen name, referring to a Tacoma street gang.

His Web page links to numerous others depicting self-described gangbangers from Seattle and Tacoma. They display photos of young men pointing guns at the cameras and flashing hand gang signs, some hiding their faces behind rags in gang colors or hoods.

One 20-year-old Tacoma man with a blue rag tied around his neck congratulates his friend online for beating up someone in a recent fight:

"I hope your hands feel a little better. I will get the video to you of what you did to that guy. Keep it up babe boy."

Street gangs nationwide are taking their turf wars online, using personal Web sites and social networking sites such as MySpace to showcase illegal exploits, make threats and honor killed or jailed members, The Associated Press recently reported.

"Net banging" is the term that authorities have coined for the trend.

Gabriel Morales, a Seattle-area specialist in gang culture who leads training sessions for law enforcement officers and at-risk youths, said gang members find the Web appealing for the same reasons child predators do -- one being it's difficult to police.

"Local kids are doing the same thing. It should be a concern for parents. Some of the stuff they're putting online could be harmful for their kids," Morales said.

"Sometimes they get on there and start dissing each other on the Net, and that can lead to real violence. That's another concern."

George Knox, director of the National Gang Crime Research Center, said he has trained hundreds of police officials in how to cull intelligence on gang membership, rivalries, territory and lingo from these Web pages.

"In order to understand any subculture, be it al-Qaida, witches, devil worshippers or gangs, you have to be able to know their own language," Knox said.

But most of the talk he sees online isn't from hard-core gang members, he said. Much of it spews from so-called wannabes, who use the Web to fantasize about violence.

"A lot of them are kids just messing around," he said.

Gangs once only roamed the streets of big cities but now can be found in 2,500 U.S. communities, according to the FBI. Police departments suddenly faced with the unwelcome arrivals are looking for help anywhere they can get it, including the gangs' own easy-to-find Web sites.

The tendency for gang members to brag about their exploits on Web pages such as the popular networking site has in some cases helped investigators make arrests.

Pierce County sheriff's investigators used earlier this year to solve an assault case involving two teens who filmed themselves pummeling a high school student. In the video footage posted online, the main suspect identified himself and faced the camera while racking a round into a shotgun, which helped investigators track him down, spokesman Ed Troyer said.

The case wasn't gang-related, but the clip was posted on MySpace, which has helped authorities in gang cases, Troyer said.

"The one thing going for us always through the years is that young people -- kids -- have an inability to keep their mouths shut. This is just another way for them not to keep their mouths shut," Troyer said.

In Seattle, the Internet hasn't played a significant role in the investigations of a special gang task force headed by the Seattle field division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ATF Special Agent Julianne Marshall said.

The ATF's Violent Gang Task Force was formed last year and includes federal agents and a Seattle police detective. A King County sheriff's detective soon will be added, Marshall said.

"It hasn't been a part of any of our investigations that we've addressed so far," she said. "But it is something (we) monitor."

Deputy Tom Ferguson of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department's gang investigation unit has identified a number of graffiti writers who used a public Web site to post photos of themselves in front of their work.

"Maybe they think we don't look at it," Ferguson said, "but we're out there gleaning information on them." representatives could not be reached for comment.

The local gang scene is a fascination for one MySpace tenant, a self-described 25-year-old Seattle college student who calls his Web site "Northwest Gangs." His online profile claims he's researching street gangs and invites members to join his network of MySpace "friends."

He claims to have cataloged 325 gangs in Washington and has links to numerous self-avowed gang members' profiles on MySpace.

Knox, of the National Gang Crime Research Center, said it's important for police to learn how to read between the lines on gang Web sites and blogs. Just as time on the streets has given gang investigators the ability to read the hieroglyphics of wall graffiti, time on the Web helps them understand arcane Web clues. Gang identifiers, such as tattoos, graffiti tags, colors and clothing often are embedded in each site.

"You can study gang blogs and, an hour or two into it, pick up on subtle word choices," he told the AP. "These are holy words to them."

Knox and others fear gangs are using the Internet to recruit new members, who can be influenced by the secret handshakes, clothing and slang of gang cultures.

Morales, the Northwest gang specialist, said he hasn't heard of many gang members who were recruited online. That still mostly has to happen in face-to-face meetings. But gangbangers might use online banter to befriend individuals and invite them to parties, where recruitment takes place.

This report contains information from The Associated Press. P-I reporter Scott Gutierrez can be reached at 206-448-8334 or

Attorneys General Demand MySpace Give Up Sex Offenders
The top law enforcement officials in eight states are demanding that MySpace identify the sex offenders it found in a search of its user rolls inspired by my report on MySpace sex offenders last year.

Last October, I reported how I used a Perl script to screen-scrape the Department of Justice's National Sex Offender Registry and run all the names and ZIP codes through MySpace's search engine. The result was 744 verified matches from half the search results -- 497 of them with convictions for crimes against children. One of them was actively trolling for underage boys, and was arrested as a result of my investigation.

MySpace responded in December by announcing that it was hiring a background-check company called Sentinel Tech Holding Corp. to conduct a similar search, using a new, custom database containing height, weight, eye and hair color, and the complete offense history of each perp. Now word has leaked out of Sentinel that, as a result of the more advanced search, "thousands of known registered sexual offenders have been confirmed as MySpace members," according to a letter to MySpace (.pdf) signed by eight attorneys general.

If true, this dramatically exceeds the report from Wired magazine, which found 744 registered sex offenders with MySpace profiles. Perhaps thousands more sexual predators -- not registered or using fictitious names -- are lurking on your web site. We remain concerned about the design of your site, the failure to require parental permission, and the lack of safeguards necessary to protect our children.

We therefore request the following information: First, how many registered sex offenders in the Sentinel database have been cross-referenced against MySpace's membership? Second, what is the exact number of known registered sex offenders who have been identified as members of MySpace to date? Please forward a list of the names of the registered sex offenders that you have identified with profiles on MySpace and the states in which they reside. Third, what steps has MySpace taken to alert law enforcement officials as well as MySpace users of such sex offenders? Finally, what steps has MySpace taken to remove sex offender profiles and how many have been removed?

All good questions. But I don't know why the AGs want the names of the sex offenders -- it's not yet illegal for a former sex offender to be on MySpace. The social networking site had planned to ban all the sex offenders it found, so maybe law enforcement hopes to investigate them first, and bust any recidivists before MySpace scatters them to the four winds.

The letter is signed by the attorneys general of Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It asks MySpace to respond by May 29th.

Update: In a statement, MySpace told El Reg: "We are in the initial stages of cross referencing our membership against Sentinel's registered sex offender database and removing any confirmed matches."

No word on why it's still in the "initial stages" five months later.

Even Terrorism:

Myspace is "terrorist recruiting ground"

Kids like pizza, the mall and the overthrow of America

By Nick Farrell: Wednesday, 17 May 2006, 6:37 AM

A WRITER on Muslim terrorism in the United States claims that Myspace is the latest recruiting ground for al-Qaida backed groups.

Laura Mansfield, who has penned "One Nation under Allah" which includes her "undercover work" in US mosques to establish the terrorist threat in small town America, has suddenly focused her attention on MySpace.

She is "concerned" that some web pages seem to show American kids backing the likes of Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, British jihadist Abu Hamza, and the 19 September 11 hijackers.

Mansfield spits tacks at one bloke who has an audio link which she says sounds "absolutely Hitleresque".

MySpace has a list of what she calls his "social network" which Mansfield claims to show that he has disturbing friends one includes Rashid Ali whose activities include reading Quran and hadith, Training Hui (Chinese-Muslim) kung-fu, Makoto-Ryu aki-jujitsu, and muay-thai-kick-boxing, NiNjitsu, Penjat-Silat, escrima:Kali/JKD and target shooting. So clearly he has no time to be a terrorist.

With fairly typical over concern Mansfield takes the case of one bloke who tells the site that when he grows up he wants to be a martyr for Palestine.

She didn't visit some of the other sites on MySpace where most of the teens seem to want to die or pen long odes about being buried alive while their friends play Marilyn Manson. She also failed to see how a lot of the comments were from young guys who listen to a lot of rap music. One of her so called terrorists specifically mentions that his group is not interested in any religious war.

Mansfield contacted the FBI over the websites and was told that they were all protected by the US constitution which allows everyone to have a view, even if it does not agree with hers. It doesn't mean that any of them are going to do it.

I have worked with the aforementioned woman online in threat assessment. Myspace "security teams" Google is a wonderful search tool to assist YOU in finding violations.