Monday, February 20, 2006


Tunnels under the Mexican / American border. The UAE company taking over several shipping ports in the United States. The security that we have no control over in third world countries with nuclear power plants. The ravings of a madman in Iran. Another madman in North Korea. The proliferation of untold amounts of information from AQ Khan on how to build a nuclear weapon. China looking for a way in. And a nuclear armed Pakistan waiting for their leader to die.

A crumbling Russia. An expanding Russian / Ukrainian Mob. A lot of out of work nuclear physicists. And the ultimate asymmetric warfare communications tool, the internet.

Over 600 hate groups in the United States. Over 700,000 gang members in the United States. More than 200 anti-government militia groups in the United States. Prisons full of recruitment pools. And a history of terrorism recruitment from the gang and prison crowd. The arrival of International Super Gangs trained in the art of guerilla warfare such as Mara Salvatrucha, 18th Street, or the Latin Kings. And al Qaeda’s interest in them.

Not to mention all the lone wolves.

This is how the bomb will get in. Through wide open borders with closed minded security personnel with eyes wired shut. With the help of a mountain of red tape and bureaucracy and political games. With the help of political correctness over common sense. Through the hate and misguidance of home grown, blended in, terrorists in need of a cause right here in the United States.

Jeff Fort. Jose Padilla. Spc. Ryan G. Anderson. Tim McVeigh.

Impossible? Fear mongering? Far fetched? So was flying passenger planes into buildings.

Just pick a major city. Because it is going to happen.