Friday, January 27, 2006

A New Super-Gang Arises

Bad Blood...Begins to Spill

People and Folks. For so long now these two “super-gangs” or “nation gangs” have been known as the largest conglomerates of gangs in the United States. Like larger umbrella groups these two factions have a host of various gang “sets” underneath their banner. Their cohesion and overall willingness to work together has been limited to some cooperation on the streets (translation: smaller subsets link together under similar colors, liturgy, and or symbols to battle other conglomerated gangs for territory.) Most notably groups like the Latin Kings (a virtual super-gang in and of itself), the Vice Lords (and its many subsets), and even some Blood gang factions have been a part of the People Nation. The Folk Nation has at its helm the Gangster Disciples (known also as Growth and Development as an attempt at legitimacy), Satan’s Disciples, and a myriad of other subgroups often carrying “Folk” in their moniker. Though these alliances have at times been fragile as all groupings of humans tend to be, overall they have attempted to present a united front against law enforcement, each other, and the community in general.

But now a new and apparently growing conglomeration of subgroups appears to be in the making. Former rivals such as Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) and local street gangs controlled to some extent by the Mexican Mafia are moving towards a tentative peace. And even more so towards a full blown conglomeration. Some of these predominantly Hispanic gangs, like the Folk and People Nation are known by local street gang affiliation. Surenos, a word meaning Southerner, is often tied in with some local gang set’s namesake. A new umbrella group appears to be growing, one that for all intents and purposes may rival the former “kings of the hill”, the People and Folk Nations. This new super-gang continues to move towards a more across the board identity as Sur13.

With gang sets stretching from its origins in Southern California to Central and South America up into the far reaches of Canada this conglomeration of gangs may pose a threat to all of the aforementioned parties. Law enforcement, communities, and People and Folk Nation could face a showdown with a well armed and apparently (in some cases) well trained gang army.

Already conflict between the most prominent gang in American history, the Crips, and some factions of Sur13 is taking place. Reports now are coming out of California that tell of various Hispanic gangs overrunning long time Crip and Blood territory with sheer numbers.

But even Sur13 is not without its own inner conflicts and struggles with rival Hispanic gangs. Groups like the 18th Street gang and the Norteno groups are taking up arms and going to war with factions of Sur13.

A new gang war is on the horizon unless something happens soon. And I fear it will make the 40 year war between the Bloods and Crips and between the larger People and Folks nations look timid in comparison. Competition for drug, weapons sales, and black market enterprise is growing daily. A brief search on the internet demonstrates a virtual war of words in the works as well between the super-gangs. The old gang power brokers will not take this incursion on their turf lightly and the new insurgency of Hispanic gangs appear to be ready and willing to meet any and all challengers. I predict a new and far deadly gang war is coming and while I hope I am wrong, we should prepare for a long war at home in case I am not.

More to follow…