Wednesday, August 23, 2006

chum in the water

“I want you to know that the Shark, being very old and suffering from asthma and heart trouble, was obliged to sleep with his mouth open. Because of this, Pinocchio was able to catch a glimpse of the sky filled with stars, as he looked up through the open jaws of his new home.”
-Carlo Collodi

Where do gangs and other deviant groups get their members from? Are they sociopathic kids? Are they a bunch of blood thirsty lunatics craving human blood?


The fields are ripe for the harvest as the quote goes. There is a melting pot of young people who are floating in the waters of society waiting to be devoured by the sharks of humanity. Like Pinocchio wanting to have a real home, to be a little boy who is loved, too many of our children are exiled to a life of wooden abandonment.

Where do the hunters, the leaders of hate groups, find their prey?

Thousands of kids in foster care, abandoned by the people who are supposed to care for them more than anyone…their parents. Thousands of abused kids abandoned by the so called system that gives people who commit tax evasion and fraud more prison time than child molesters. Politicians who are creating “committees” to address “childhood obesity” rather than the rape of our children by human monsters. Childhood obesity is a parenting problem, not a McDonald’s problem. How can we spend thousands of dollars on fighting a problem that should be dealt with by parents? Politicians are more concerned with what looks good than they are at addressing what looks so bad. The abuse and rape of our kids.

Kids are abandoned every day by the people who are supposed to be there for them. And when they are, it is the parasites of society that seek them out.

If you will not be there for these kids someone else will be.

We wrap ourselves in ballgames, reality shows, and lotto tickets. While our kids are wrapped up in abuse, neglect, and hate. Our priorities are about feeding ourselves with the junk food of entertainment while allowing the sharks of society to feed on kids who are floating in a sea of loss, like chum waiting to be eaten by predatory leaders of hate groups.

Where do these kids come from? Where do hate groups get their members?

Often it is right next door.

I see movie stars fighting for their “causes” like global warming and saving the seals. I see people like Pamela Anderson complaining about the inhumane treatment of animals as she walks the red carpet in her $2000 leather pumps. I hear the drone of politicians bellyaching about anything and everything for votes except the rape of our children.

And none of them even notice the sharks.

They cannot hear the cries of our children…

If you will not give me a home. A gang will.
If you will not give me comfort, a bottle will.
If you will not give me shelter, I will find myself in the arms of an abuser.
If you will not clothe me, I will wrap myself in self destruction.
If you will not feed me, I will starve seeking attention.
If you will not guide me, I will disappear into the system.
If you will not reach out to me, I will drown in despair.

And the sharks will be waiting.

If you will not love me, I will continue to hate myself.
If you will not hold me, I will embrace the darkness.
If you will not cleanse me, I will be swallowed by the obscene.
If you will not teach me, I will learn from the worst.
If you will not give me light, I will wilt away.
If you will not take me in, I will die out here.
If you will not take my hand, I will wander into a jungle.

And the lions will be waiting.

If you will not give me a name, I will remain faceless.
If you will not give me a hope, I will lose my faith.
If you will not offer me a kind word, I will only remember the yelling.
If you will not set me free, I will find a prison waiting for me.
If you will not heal my wounds, I will die from the infections of life.
If you will not raise me from this abyss, I will suffocate in this grave.
If you will not take me in, I will stay lost.
If you will not catch me, I will keep on falling looking for rescue.

And no one will be waiting.

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